About Us

PBM Services Company, LLC was founded by W. Pernell McKenrick. He began his career in industrial sales and service of compressed air and liquid pumping systems in 1986. With his knowledge of the industrial base in his geographic area he was recruited to establish a leading lubricant supply firm in the eastern part of the United States. After nearly 3 years the company he was working for decided to eliminate his position. With the assistance of several key suppliers PBM Services Company was founded and launched.

“Knowing what true customer service is, I established PBM Services Company, LLC on the principles that focusing on the primary concerns of the customer take top priority. Take care of your customers and they in turn will take care of you.” Over the years many unusual concerns have arisen. “I may not know about a customer’s exact situation, but I will find someone who does. Working together with the customer and suppliers is enjoyment and when we find a solution and resolve our customers concern, there is no better feeling in the world!”