Open Gear Spray Lubrication

Our open gear spray lubrication systems can be designed to lubricate both portable and stationary equipment. Systems can be used on:

  • Rotary Kilns
  • Rod Mills
  • Mining Equipment
  • Calciners
  • Coolers
  • Cranes 
  • Ball Mills
  • Dryers 
  • SAG Mills
  • Incinerators

Systems can be located indoors or out-of-doors. For harsh environments we offer the option of stainless steel components, cabinet purge systems and explosion proof components.

Single pump systems can be designed to lubricate multiple pieces of equipment from on central location. Optional equipment isolation is available so that service can be performed without shutting down the lubrication system.

Systems can be designed to lubricate using oils, greases and paste lubricants in both petroleum and synthetic bases.

Click here to view our Open Gear Spray Lubrication System animation.