Bulk Oil Filtering Systems/Bulk Oil Breather Vent

Customer required new oil stored in their 300 gallon tanks to meet Caterpillar clean oil requirements. Installed Harvard wall mounted 1000 Series filter systems capable of providing 5 gallon per minute with filtration to 1 micron. Air Sentry™ Guardian™ breather vent filters round out the contamination control. Results … oil cleanliness levels now exceed requirements.

Carbon Plant Alberta Canada, Open Gear Lube System

OGSS used to lubricate horizontal rotary coolers in carbon plant located in Canada. Lubricant used is a dry film paste.

Carbon Plant, Mississippi, Open Gear Lube System

OGSS used to lubricate two vertical carbon kilns. New gears were installed before lube system was activated. Lubricant used is a dry film paste.

Chemical Plant, Delaware, Contamination Control

Customer had hydraulic systems that were constantly becoming contaminated with airborne particulate and moisture. Installing Air Sentry™ breathers along with reservoir filtering systems has eliminated contamination. Oil sampling valves/probes installed to monitor oil condition while equipment is in operation. Results… oil drain intervals were dramatically extended.

Chemical Plant, Idaho, Chain Lube System

Customized drive chain lube system for 12 foot diameter rotary cooler. PLC controlled with custom spray manifold assembly. Pneumatically operated.Each reservoir has a capacity of 2.5 gallons.

Conveyor System

Customer installed new high speed conveyor systems to transport sand. To reduce silica and moisture contamination Air Sentry™ breather vent filters were installed along with oil filtering ports and sample ports. Portable filtering cart is used to maintain oil cleanliness levels. Results… improved gear reducer service, reduced lubricant drain intervals.

Cooling Tower Gear Reducer

Customer required relevant lubricant samples from operating cooling tower fan gear reducers. Units are operating 24/7 and entering the operating area is out of the question. Oil sample tubes were installed in the drain lines with sample valves located outside the tower walls. Air Sentry™ breathers were installed to prevent moisture contamination as the units are operating in an environment that is high humidity. Results… improved oil sample results and decreased lubricant drain intervals.

Filtering Turbine Oil

Customer has a 900 gallon turbine oil reservoir and system that continually showed particulate levels at or below 10 micron. Standard filtration methods did not remove the soft particulate. Installing a Harvard dual canister 1000 Series filter cart using 1 micron high efficiency filters in combination with water absorbing filters solved the condition. Results… oil cleaned to manufactures specification within 48 hours.

Fracking Sand Plant

High contamination in gear reducers. Installed breather vent filters along with filter ports to allow for cleaning of oil while units are operating.

Insulated Control Enclosure and Insulated Remote Enclosure

In eastern Canada cold temperatures are a factor. When a lime plant requested an OGSS that would be located outdoors, PBM Services Co., LLC went to work. We custom designed this system that incorporates both an insulated enclosure and a 110 volt resistive heater controlled by a dial thermostat. Results…with temperatures dropping below -20°F the system functions routinely without issues.

Lime Kiln Gear Reducer Breather Vent

Customer has three lime kilns located under a roof. Extreme dust is prevalent due to air flow. Oil contamination was occurring in all kiln gear drive systems. By installing Air Sentry™ breather vents and piping them away from the dust source the contamination was dramatically reduced. Results… longer time between lubricant changes and lower operating costs.

Lime Kiln Girth Gear

Customer in Ohio was using a liquid gear lubricant on lime kiln gears. The result was a messy area around the gears, increased safety hazard and housekeeping nightmare. Solution, convert the lubricant to a dry film paste. Results… consumption reduced by more than 60%, housekeeping reduced, safety hazard eliminated (no running or dripping oil), gear wear reduced.

Lime Plant, Mississippi, Lube Filter/Cooler Systems

When you have hot running trunnion bearings and cannot shut down for inspection or repair what are you to do? PBM Services Co., LLC provides custom built filter/cooler packages for just the occasion. Here we provided a portable filter cart that will pump 1 gpm of ISO 1000 gear oil. The filter is designed to remove particulate down to 1 micron and absorb water. Hot oil is then pumped through the tube-in-shell oil cooler where approximately 10°F is removed before returning the oil to the bearing reservoir. Results… lowered oil temperatures from mid 230°’s F to 190°F +/- and removed contamination. Customer was able to operate theirlime kiln until the scheduled outage.

Lime Plant, Texas, Open Gear Lube System

Customer required a OGSS that operated both pneumatically and electrically. The unit was installed on a two pier lime kiln in Texas. New gears were installed on the kiln prior to installing the lubrication system. The lubricant pump is electric while the spray portion of the system is pneumatic.

Lube System

Paper mill in southern Mississippi was looking to clean up the area around their drive gear on a lime kiln. PBM Services Co., LLC built this simple OGSS to resolve their problem. Results… reduced lubricant consumption, environmental issues resolved and housekeeping reduced.

Open Chain Lubrication System - Paper Industry

Customer needed a lubrication system to oil an open chain in a very dusty environment. Also lubricates slides and guides for chain.

Open Gear Spray Lubrication System - Dual Kilns

PBM Services Company, LLC designed and built a dual kiln open gear lubrication system. System has independent shut-off for each kiln. No need to disable the system when servicing just one kiln.

Open Gear Spray Lubrication System - Lime Kiln

Due to corrosive atmosphere all stainless steel tubing was incorporated along with cabinet air purge system.

Phosphate Production

Chemical dryer was experiencing chain problems due to lack of lubrication. Installed custom chain lubrication system to atomize chain lubricant on operating unit.

Texas Paper Mill Lube System

When a paper mill in Texas requested an OGSS that would fit into a small area we said no problem. By incorporating the injectors in the control enclosure along with the controls we were able to install this unit right beside the pinion/girth gear and reduce piping. Results… happy customer.