Inspection Services

PBMSC offers a full line of inspection services. On-site oil analysis, laboratory oil and lubricant analysis, on-site fuel condition analysis, open gear inspection, lube system inspections. These are just a few of the inspections we can offer. With proper information and analysis most equipment failures can be prevented. For those instances that failure is emanate, scheduled outages or downtime can be made so production is maintained.

Repair Services

PBMSC offers many repair services. With our strong associations with local and international suppliers we can offer cost competitive repairs on many hydraulic, enclosed gear and lubrication systems.

Filtering Services

PBMSC provides on-site filtering of fuels, lubricants and coolants. Rental systems are also available for small to medium sized reservoirs.

Open Gear Lubrication Systems

PBM Services Company, LLC has become recognized as a preeminent supplier of open gear lubrication systems. Our systems are custom made to each individual application. Our systems are reliable, with average service life well over 10 years. Simplicity lends to easier maintenance. Most of our components can be swapped out in minutes using standard parts found in customer’s warehouse or storerooms. Multi-unit designs allow for lower initial purchase price and smaller inventoried parts list. Easily expandable design allows for future expansion without the need to purchase expensive components. Our systems are adaptable to most rotary applications and can be installed while the equipment is in production. See our “Projects” section for detailed applications.