The Story of PBM Is the Story of Opportunity

PBM Services Company, LLC (PBMSC) was established in April of 1999. After a failed attempt to purchase a local product/service company, our president, W. Pernell McKenrick, found himself unemployed on a Thursday evening. With two young sons and a new mortgage, things did not look promising. On Friday, he received a call from a close friend that changed everything. “Get me a resume as soon as you can,” he said. “I have an idea that might help.”

The following Monday morning, Mr. McKenrick received another phone call from his close friend Gary M. “Pick a company name and start selling. You’re in business for yourself!” The name PBM Services was chosen, and twenty-one years later, we are still here and growing.

PBMSC was built on the premise that every customer deserves to know the truth, even when it’s not convenient. And as a fully transparent service provider, we may run into a situation where the solution isn’t immediately apparent, but we always find an answer.

PBMSC’s knowledgeable staff has built a reputation of providing timely service and the highest quality products to a remarkably diverse set of customers throughout North America.

PBMSC has also built and maintained a trusted alliance with many service providers outside our field. These alliances allow us to reach formerly untapped customer bases, and grant our partners the ability to provide additional services. These reciprocal relationships offer a win-win scenario for customers and companies alike.

With a keen insight into the operations of rotary equipment, Mr. McKenrick built PBMSC into a trusted source for vital information and services regarding the lubrication of industrial equipment. We regularly service industries such as power generation, mining, paper, cement, lime, glass, and carbon. Equipment such as pulverizing mills, kilns, calciners, dryers, mixers, steam tube dryers, activators, and coolers are a small sampling of the equipment we’ve improved through our products and services.

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