When storing a product in a sealed area, ambient conditions can influence it.

Standard lubricant containers such as pail, kegs, and drums have a tendency to breathe, and changing ambient temperatures cause the air in the headspace to change. If moisture is present, it will be pulled into the headspace where it will condense and then drip into the lubricant. The air inside the headspace of gear reducers changes routinely with temperature and operation. The same can be said about hydraulic reservoirs.

Fuel storage reservoirs or containers breathe.

Fuel fumes can be forced to evacuate and outside contaminates can be pulled in during headspace changes. Fuels can become contaminated and cause damage to equipment. If the fuel container is stored inside, dangerous fumes can be expelled into the surrounding area causing a potential for fire or explosion.

In many plants, electric batteries power much of the mobile equipment.

When these batteries are recharged, dangerous fumes can be generated and released if not properly filtered. A potential for an explosion can be present.

What do all these applications have in common? They can all be remedied with proper breather filters.

Air Sentry guardian breather filter
PBMSC offers the Air Sentry™ line of breather vent filters.
Z series breather filters

D-Series and Z-Series

Air Sentry™ D-Series and Z-Series are an economical solution for small and medium-sized reservoirs where a disposable filter is adequate.

Air sentry r series breather filters


Air Sentry™ R-Series Breathers are ideal for high vibration applications. Hydraulic systems and gear reducers on crushing equipment are a perfect example. R-Series breathers utilize a steel base and NPT connections.

Air sentry XR series breather filters


Air Sentry™ XR-Series breathers are designed to perform in any extreme environment where protection from dust, moisture, and vibration is critical. The base is designed to handle the rigors of high-vibration applications. The top cap uses two check valves to prevent outside moisture and solid contaminants from entering the breather until there is a need for airflow. XR-Series breathers utilize a steel base and NPT connections.

X series breather filters


Air Sentry™ X-Series Breathers are the perfect solution for high humidity and high dust environments. X-Series breathers utilize plastic and steel bases with NPT connections.

Guardian breather filter


Air Sentry™ GUARDIAN® is Air Sentry’s industry-leading breather series. Some models feature an isolation check valve that keeps exhaust air from depleting the desiccant and guards against volatile fumes and splashing fluids. The GUARDIAN’s casing is constructed from Tritan®, a patented material highly resistant to impact and chemicals. GUARDIAN’s modular construction and optional add-on features allow you to customize each Guardian model to your specific application. GUARDIAN® breathers utilize a steel base and NPT connections.

All series of Air Sentry™ breathers can be filled with activated carbon for removal of fumes and airborne chemicals. This is extremely helpful in fuel and battery charging applications.

Air Sentry™ breathers are fitted with a standard 2-micron inlet and discharge filter. Air Sentry™ filters have an effective operating temperature range of -20°F (-29°C) to +200F (+93°C). Air Sentry™ breathers operating in temperatures ≥150⁰F (66⁰C) should have a protective barrier from the heat source.

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