The average amount spent for lubricants in a company is less than 2% of the maintenance budget.

This doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider the consequences of not properly lubricating a piece of equipment, that 2% becomes critical. When a vital piece of equipment is in operation, shutting it down – even for routine maintenance — can be costly.

Equipment is often brought off-line to change the lubricants along with other routine services. Changing lubricants can be a labor-intensive procedure. Companies that are looking to streamline their maintenance procedures and improve reliability use some sort of lubricant filtration to improve lubricant service life.

PBM Services Co., LLC can provide an appropriately sized filtration system for any lubricant reservoir or circulating system in your plant.
We provide simple particle removal systems, deep bed ultra-pure filtering systems, varnish mitigation systems, vacuum dehydration systems, system flushing units, coolant filtering systems, and fuel filtering systems.
Systems can be sized for off-line or on-line operation. Many systems are portable and can be used in different locations throughout the plant. PBM Services Co., LLC offers rental units, rent-to-own, and full purchase units. All our systems come complete, and they’re ready for operation in a short period of time. Our effective filtration systems include suction/discharge hoses, power cords, full instrumentation, and PLC control where available.
Filtration system
PBM Services Co., LLC offers our 500 or 1000 Series Filter/Cooler Systems.
These custom filtering/cooling systems are designed for customers that have hot bearings on their rotary kilns, calciners, and dryers. These multifunctional systems incorporate high efficiency deep bed filters, cooled coolers, and color-coded valving. These systems are designed to reduce the oil temperatures up to 10⁰F per pass. When bearings are running hot, PBMSC’s 500 or 1000 Series Filter/Cooler System can protect your asset and allow you to keep operating.


PBM Services Co., LLC offers systems with in-line lubricant monitoring systems. These units provide real-time readings of the lubricant condition, and they can be monitored remotely through Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular. This allows reliability personnel to remotely monitor the systems, and then set limits and notifications.

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