High-Performance Lubricants (HPL)

When choosing a lubricant for your application, you have two options:

Purchasing a lubricant that will meet the OEM specifications at the lowest cost, or…
Purchasing a lubricant that will meet and exceed the OEM specifications, lower operational costs, improve profitability, and make the work area safer at a higher price.

Companies and management have traditionally treated lubricants as a commodity. Because of this, they were convinced that lubricants should be changed at a regular frequency, and therefore, purchased at the lowest possible price.

Lubricant manufacturers, to obtain these low costs, have chosen to use lower cost-base oils and reduced additives (the expensive part of lubricants) to levels that allow them to provide minimal protection. This in turn requires more frequent lubricant changes to maintain adequate protection for your equipment.

PBM Services Co., LLC believes a lubricant is an asset to you and your company.

Seldom does your equipment operate exactly as designed. In today’s operating model, equipment is often pushed to or beyond its design limits. Gears, bearings, and related parts are routinely strained and worked to capacity. And this means the lubricants used to protect these assets are also driven to their limits.

Why would you choose a lubricant that “just meets” the requirements of your equipment’s original design? HPL’s are designed to perform above and beyond standard cost-based lubricants. And HPL’s offered by PBM Services Co., LLC offer superior based oils and improved additive packages.

Our high-performance lubricants also come with outstanding services not offered by other so-called distributors – this is because our Lubrication Service Specialists back up the performance of the products purchased.
PBM Services Co., LLC only offers HPL’s to our customers. Our HPL’s include open gear compounds, enclosed gear lubricants, bearing/bushing greases, and hydraulic oils along with a multitude of other High-Performance products. And these products are specifically designed to lower your operating costs, increase your equipment service life, and improve the safety of your employees.
Lubricant on gears

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