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All equipment will eventually fail.

Technology has allowed manufacturing to push equipment to the upper limits of service, but it cannot prevent failure. As Lubricant Service Specialists, it is our mission to offer you, the customer, the best in products and services to extend the service life of your equipment. We also use technology to help protect your equipment.

Are you getting the best performance from your current lubricants? Should you use synthetic, blended or petroleum-based lubricants? Can you consolidate lubricants? Lubricants have advanced technologically a tremendous amount in the past 20 years. However, much of the specifications that customers use on their equipment is based on “old technology” when it comes to lubricant. PBMSC can assist and offer guidance in bringing your plant up to “current specs” when it comes to lubricants and the application of them.

How is your current lubrication system operating?

Could it be adjusted? Updated? Or does it need to be replaced? PBMSC can inspect your current system or systems and let you know.

Is your equipment operating within spec when it comes to temperature, vibration, voltage, etc.? To find this information, each piece of equipment should be inspected, cataloged, and operational data should be obtained. This information is used to determine the proper lubricant and application of the lubricant. More often than not, identical equipment in different locations will require different lubricants. Without the proper information, this scenario is often overlooked.

Lubrication system before inspection Lubrication system after inspection
Lubricant inspection tool
Lubricant inspection tool
How We Can Help

PBMSC can send technicians to your plant to gather information. And then we’ll take that data and compile a report that is simple, concise, and easy to understand. We then review the report with you and offer recommendations. Oftentimes, we can help you get better performance from the lubricants you are currently using. By making some simple adjustments, improved lubricant performance is often attainable.

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