Lubricant Analysis and Sampling

Lubrication system sampling

How Clean Is Your Lubricant?

As part of a comprehensive, reliability-centered maintenance program, lubricant analysis is an effective tool that compliments other diagnostic tools such as vibration analysis, infrared thermography, and ultrasonic detection. Combined, all these tools will give you a full perspective on the condition of your asset.

PBMSC can offer guidance in establishing or possibly upgrading a lubricant sampling program. We can also provide all the tools necessary to begin and maintain a lubricant analysis program. PBMSC can:

  • Provide a full walkthrough and review of your assets
  • Provide a written report outlining our findings and recommendations
  • Install analysis retrieval devices and ports
  • Provide clean lubricant sample containers
  • Provide routine lubricant retrieval services
  • Establish account with analysis laboratory
  • Provide web-based retrieval of analysis reports
  • Provide consultation on analysis report reviews
  • Provide recommendation for additional testing or equipment as required
PBMSC works with several highly respective labs, and we can recommend the best lab based on your exact requirements instead of offering a one-lab-does-it-all approach.
Lubricant analysis and sampling inspection tool
Lubricant analysis and sampling inspection tool
Static sampling diagram
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PBMSC, in conjunction with MRG Labs, offers the Grease Thief™ grease analysis program. As with any oil, greases require routine analysis. The Grease Thief sampling and analysis system overcomes the sampling and analysis obstacles often associated with grease collection and analysis. By providing a reliable and cost-effective grease analysis solution, the Grease Thief™ program gives you one more tool in your efforts to move towards a comprehensive, reliability-centered maintenance program.

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