Lubrication Equipment Repair & Service

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PBM Services Company, LLC’s specialty is designing, building, installing, and implementing automated lubrication systems to properly lubricate critical assets. We also provide outstanding service when it comes to evaluating, updating, and repairing lubrication systems currently in use.

Before a lubrication system can be used, it is crucial to understand the asset and the requirements for lubrication. It’s also necessary to have a fundamental understanding of the lubricant or lubricants and their lubricating properties, and realize the concerns and goals of the customer. These are key factors that PBMSC evaluates when providing a recommended lubrication system upgrade.

Systems that operate on compressed air or hydraulic and electric power are no stranger to our service techs. We offer parts, repair, and replacement of system components such as pumps, controllers, pressure switches, transducers, injectors, distribution blocks, and much more.

We offer free pickup and delivery of components in our service areas. We can also arrange to have your components picked up and delivered via freight or parcel services.

Manufacturers that PBMSC can service

  • Lincoln Industrial
  • Graco
  • Trabon
  • Bijur Delimon
  • Farval
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A properly sized, functional lubrication system combined with the proper lubricant will allow customers to greatly reduce lubricant consumption, improve asset service life, and closely adhere to the Four R’s of Lubrication:

            Right Product

            Right Amount

            Right Location

            Right Time

PBMSC also offers reconditioned equipment. Call or email for details.

Need to upgrade your lubrication system? Want to extend the life of your critical assets ?

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