Lubrication Systems

Did you know that all mechanical equipment has a limited service life?

In this modern era of supercomputers and phenomenal engineering, we still can’t make a perfect piece of equipment that doesn’t wear out. And imperfections cause wear, which inevitably cause equipment failure.

To maintain equipment and increase the service life, we use lubricants. These products are designed to place a barrier between the imperfect parts and reduce or eliminate prolonged wear.

Equipment can be lubricated

manually or automatically.

Within our industry, the term “Lubrication System” means a device or method for dispensing lubricant to a predetermined point or points. A simple version of a lubrication system is a small group of zerk fittings with lines to remote locations that is manually greased. An automated pump that dispenses grease to multiple points at a predetermined interval is also a lubrication system.

Not all lubrication systems are computer operated. Many are manually powered, point-of-use dispensers that require a person to physically pump the apparatus. Some smaller, battery-powered units use a simple countdown timer or gas expansion chamber to dispense grease or oil. Some are PLC-controlled and designed to dispense larger volumes of lubricant to multiple points throughout a plant or piece of equipment.

There are no “one size fits all” lubrication systems. Each application needs to be evaluated, and the lubrication system needs to be paired with an equally evaluated lubricant.

PBM Services Co., LLC has been designing, building, installing, and servicing lubrication systems for more than 20 years.
We evaluate and understand your equipment first. After our thorough evaluation, we determine the best lubricant for the application, and then design and recommend a lubrication system. Our goal is to provide a system that will maximize your lubrication efforts – a system that’s simple enough to understand and maintain.
Various Memolub Lubrication System Models
What kind of lubrication

systems do we use?

PBM Services Co., LLC offers single-point, multi-point, and PLC-controlled systems. We also use single line parallel and single line progressive systems, as well as bearing and bushing misting systems with single pass or closed loop.


PBM Services Co., LLC has integrated our 8500 Series Controller in most of our lubrication systems.

This powerful controller can handle multiple pieces of equipment with multiple lubricant requirements. The 8500 Series Controller has remote monitoring and modifying capabilities through cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The 8500 Series HT Controller can be placed in hot ambient conditions where temperatures can reach up to 150⁰F (65⁰C).

Our lubrication systems revive, maintain, and vastly improve the efficiency of valuable industrial equipment.

Our systems can be used to lubricate rotary equipment (kilns, dryers, calciners, ore grinding mills, mixers, coolers, washers), high and low speed fan bearings, oven chains, conveyor/bucket chains, barge unloaders, crushers, open chain drives, carbon activators, carbon bakers, and various pieces of essential industrial equipment.

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