Dual Drive Rotary Kiln

Why we were called:

To evaluate and improve lubricant and lubricant application.

What we saw (pre-conversion):

The kiln was using heavy viscosity oil with a drip lube system. There was visible damage to pinions and the bull gear due to lack of proper lubrication. The gear guard was leaking used oil on the pier, and the kiln consumed a great deal of lubricant.

How we helped (post-conversion):

Pinion gears and bull gear working surfaces improved substantially. We mitigated leaking of used lubricant from gear guar, creating a safer, cleaner work area. We also lowered the consumption of lubricant dramatically.
Follower pinion pre-conversion
Follower Pinion pre-conversion
Master pinion pre-conversion
Master pinion pre-conversion
Gear guard pump pre-conversion
Gear guard sump pre-conversion
Bull gear pre-conversion
Bull gear pre-conversion
Master pinion post conversion
Master pinion post-conversion
Follower pinion post conversion
Follower pinion post-conversion
Gear guard pump post conversion
Gear guard sump post-conversion
Bull gear post conversion
Bull gear post-conversion

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