Lime Kiln – Canada

Why we were called:

To evaluate and improve effectiveness of lubricant and lubrication system.

What we saw (pre-conversion):

The kiln was operating on a major lubricant manufacturer’s liquid gear lube. Wear and pitting were evident on the bull gear. Used oil was leaking around gear guard and causing workplace safety issues and environmental concerns.

How we helped (post-conversion):

A new automated lubrication system was installed. Solid film lubricant was applied. Pitting on bull gear is now filled with solids to slow wear, and the pinion gear is coated with a smooth surface. Our industrial lubricant and intelligent, automatic lubrication system reduced lubricant consumption by more than 60%.
Close up of a lime kiln gear
Inside a lime kiln filtration system box
Close up of lime kiln filtration system
Close up of a lime kiln gear
Close up of lime kiln gears

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