Storage / Dispensing / Identification

When new lubricants are purchased or used lubricants are collected, proper storage and identification are essential.

Assets and the lubricants they require should be labeled so cross-contamination is eliminated. Lubricant storage containers should be labeled using the same identification as the asset, so when they are moved from storage to dispensing, cross-contamination is eliminated.

Waste Oil Skid
Bulk oil
OilSafe advanced side bulk

When used lubricants are collected, proper storage and labeling are important.

The mixing of used lubricants and coolants increases the cost for disposal and reduces the opportunity for used lubricants to be repurposed.

New lubricants should be tested and filtered before use. Small filtering/dispensing systems can be used in applications that do not require large volumes. Full-sized filtering/storage/dispensing systems are available for larger volumes.

Portable filtering/dispensing systems assure the lubricant quality as it’s dispensed into the asset.

Color-coded storage and dispensing devices are essential in maintaining lubricant identification and quality.

PBM Services Co., LLC can design, install, and commission your new lubricant storage/dispensing system.

High Viscosity Mobile Filtration System
55 gallon drum work station
OS stumpy family colorbar

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