Providing Lubrication Services To customers all over the United States and Canada

Welcome to PBM Services Company

With a strong desire to provided focused customer service, PBM Services Company, LLC (PBMSC) was established in April of 1999 to provide the local industrial and commercial base with a reliable supplier for high performance lubricants. It rapidly became apparent that there was a greater need for Lubrication Service Specialists to complement the lubricants being offered.

Through alliances with international service companies and suppliers PBM Services Company, LLC quickly became a recognized leader in the supply of rotary equipment lubricants and lubrication systems. Our experience with equipment such as ball mills, rotary kilns, calciners, steam tube dryers, SAG mills, rod mills and vertical kilns easily allowed us to assist customers with critical concerns such as excessive gear wear, fire hazards, environmental issues and equipment reliability. Customers in power generation, ethanol production, pulp/paper, chemical production, cement, lime, recycling, mining, heavy equipment and others throughout the United States and Canada call on PBM Services Company, LLC for their lubrication service needs.

Today’s equipment requires unparalleled service to maintain production levels. Lubricants and fuels must be maintained at cleanliness levels never before seen in the industry. PBM Services Company, LLC provides purification and filtration products unequaled in the industry. High performance breather vent filters that require substantially less change outs while removing more moisture and dirt than the competition. With on-site oil analysis capabilities PBMSC can diagnose lubricant condition and begin taking corrective action quickly. If more in-depth analysis is required, our laboratory and staff can quickly analyze samples and recommend actions.

MSHA, OSHA and other governmental regulation agencies are requiring more stringent safety measures to make sure workers and safe. PBMSC offers a full line of reservoir, bulk tank, drum and engine adapter kits that are designed to provide the worker with a safe and reliable work place. Engine and reservoir evacuation, filtering and refilling without the need to access anything under the equipment. On-line filtering and oil sampling products allows for production to continue while maintaining a safe distance from the equipment.

With an eye to the environment, PBMSC offers a full line of environmentally safe and compliant products. Biodegradable lubricants, TCLP lubricants, wood pulp based spill containment products, non-chlorinated cleaners/degreasers, and storage containment products are all offered by PBMSC.